Monday, October 6, 2008

A woman friend reacts to Sarah Palin

A woman friend of mine in NY watched the VP debate last week and WAS NOT IMPRESSED with Gov. Palin. Sometimes it's really helpful to hear a straight opinion from a real New Yorker.

I freely admit to having violent thoughts last night. I admit that I would SO LOVE to smack the perpetual smirk off of that woman-creature's face. . . . [My husband] had to keep pausing the tv because I had to keep shouting at Miss Sarah: "Get that smirk off your face, b***h!", "I don't think so, Missy!", " YOU did NOT just say that!!", "WHAT??!!", "Oh look I can wink too!" Fun times!

. . .
On a positive note, I am totally in love with Joe Biden now. . . . I can't tell you how many times I shouted, "Thank you, Joe! Damn right!" after his rebuttals.

. . .
Sarah Palin avoided answering questions and was little more than patronizing and snide. Also, she might need to see a doctor; she may have Tourette's. Along with her facial ticks and uncontrolable blinking eyes there were almost robotic outbursts of "I'm a maveric, John's a maverick, We're mavericks!" Well that's great, Dr. Pepper, but the problem is you're full of s**t and you're a freak.

. . .
I feel the nasty in her came across loud and clear. This is a woman who you never have to worry will stab you in the back. Know why? Because if she stabs you in the back she would miss the chance to look at your face as you slowly died. It would kill the thrill, and how could she live with that? No worries, she will always stab you right in the front, looking in your eyes the whole time, and not flinch. That is my biggest impression of Sarah Palin.
Like I said, not impressed with Sarah Palin.

So my friend, who was already a Democrat, is even angrier at McCain/Palin. This highlights a major miscalculation on McCain's part: there are a lot of women who really, really do not like Sarah Palin. She's becoming an even more polarizing figure than Hillary. Say what you want about the senator from New York, she deserves her success. She's worked hard her entire life, takes her job seriously, and has a wealth of experience. She may not be the easiest woman in the world to relate to, but even her opponents have to respect her intelligence, work ethic, and accomplishments. Sarah Palin's opponents don't have to do anything of the kind.

In high school terms, Hillary was the overachiever who may not have been popular, but whom nobody hated, because she didn't screw other people over. Sarah Palin is the popular girl who uses her popularity to divide and conquer. Women get this. They all know other women like this. Men aren't picking this up yet. McCain thot Sarah Palin would attract many women. Turns out she's also repelling quite a few.

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