Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sarah Palin, fighter? Please.

I loved this comment on The Confabulum, a conservative/libertarian blog I just discovered.

Here is what Governor Palin does each day: she gives speeches written by someone else to adoring crowds who cheer her. She talks to ideologically friendly radio and television programs. Once in a great while she answers a reporter’s question, or engages in a VP debate, or answers a question asked by a voter. It is true that the media is critical of her, and some Democratic partisans are downright rude to her and her family. She may well have thick skin. Even so, none of this is fighting.

The post is in response to a writer on Michelle Malkin's blog that Sarah Palin is a "fighter." She may come off that way, but what has she fought for that required any kind of sacrifice? She's the governor of a state that gets most of its revenue from oil. She doesn't have to worry about making the hard choices that every other governor has to make, balancing raising taxes versus cutting spending, etc. She makes snide comments about her opponents - that's a fighter?

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