Thursday, October 16, 2008

Democrats are better for the stock market

Republicans used to have a reputation for being better managers than Democrats. After all, Republicans are business-oriented, and many of them have experience in business. Democrats, supposedly, are not as interested in business. I think that's one of those stereotypes left over from the '60's. The NY Times provides a most helpful graphic pretty much putting that stereotype to rest. Turns out that, over the past 80 years or so, Democrats have been better for the economy. Much, much better. $10,000 invested with the Democrats would have turned into $300,000. $10K invested with Republicans would have returned $52,000 (excluding Herbert Hoover) and only $11,733, if you include Herbert Hoover. Oops. So all you out there interested in seeing your stock market portfolios go up: Vote Obama.

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ITF said...

Are you counting just the presidency, or control of the house or the senate? Which of the three do you think has more effect on the economy?