Tuesday, October 7, 2008

McCain's lack of economic plan a real problem

Here's an interesting comment on John McCain's lack of an economic plan:

Not having a compelling economic message before the financial crisis hit was malpractice; now it’s madness. McCain’s pet causes of bipartisanship and earmark reform don’t qualify as such a message. Bipartisanship is an empty concept; the parties can unite just as easily to pass foolhardy laws as necessary ones. Meanwhile, only John McCain would — as he did in the first debate —steer a discussion about a complex global credit crunch onto earmarked federal spending for bear DNA research.

McCain has suffered from his own manifest lack of interest in economic issues. He was chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee for four years, but you’d never know it.
Strong stuff. Particularly coming from - get this - the National Review. That's right, that's a quote from Rich Lowry, who is editor of that bastion of conservatism.

These people are scared. A few brave souls are starting to acknowledge reality. Lowry tries desperately to sound the clarion call with his last sentence:

If it’s the candidate of “change” versus the candidate of “change the subject,” [McCain]’ll lose in an electoral landslide.
Now there's one thing I agree with him about.

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