Thursday, October 16, 2008

So much for that stereotype

I think Joe The Plumber may have put to rest the "Joe Six-Pack" stereotype. Please God let this be the case. Turns out he's not really a plumber (apparently he runs a plumbing business, but he doesn't have a license, and he's not a member of the union). Also, and here's where the irony gets a little thick, this guy who asked about having to pay more in taxes has an overdue tax bill. Hmmm.

So what's that stereotype again? The overworked, underappreciated straight white American male, the guy who works hard, goes hunting in the fall, loves his wife and kids, coaches Little League, and spends Sunday afternoons watching the Packers, drinking Bud, laughing with the guys he knows from high school, the ones who are still his friends all these years later, the ones he invited over because it's his turn to host the poker game.

That's the guy. Maybe he doesn't think too much about politics, but he knows what he believes, and what he believes in is America, lower taxes, and traditional values.

Maybe not so much. Maybe Joe has his problems and flaws and maybe Joe shouldn't really be the focus of all of us interested in this debate. Maybe we shouldn't be worried about Joe Six-Pack to the exclusion of everyone else in the country. Maybe we should remember that Joe is part of a wide spectrum of people who populate this country.

Maybe we should put this stereotype out of its misery.

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