Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gotta miss the debate

I am unfortunately going to miss the presidential debate tonight; I have a meeting that cannot be missed. But I will try to catch as much of it as I can online.

My prediction is that Obama will connect really well with people in the audience. As I understand it, tonight's debate is a town-hall forum. I've heard rumors that Obama does not do as well in these kinds of debates as in other, more formal settings. I'm not sure I buy that; I think one of Obama's great strengths is his ability to listen. If he can provide answers that actually answer the questions posed, without too many cliches or talking points, I think he will come off well.

I also expect more anger from McCain. He's been getting criticism of late that he is coming across as a grumpy old man. If he listens to that criticism, he'll try to avoid getting mad.

But I don't think he is listening to that criticism. McCain is famous in the Senate for his temper. If he hasn't figured out how to control his temper in the Senate by now, he ain't going to be learning anytime soon.

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