Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rednecks for Obama

Add another bit of weirdness to the long list of strange things floating around this campaign: Rednecks for Obama. I heard about this from a colleague at work. He's from Tennessee (although, as he likes to point out, he left there). He's not quite a redneck, but he's closer than I am, that's for sure.

Now how about this. I just discovered that there are TWO (at least!) Rednecks for Obama Websites! There's, and then there's I discovered this because this friend of mine from work told me that he ordered a bumper sticker and a t-shirt from Rednecks For Obama, but I couldn't find any on So I went back to my Google search, and voila! there's another one! Well, all I can say is that it's good to know that there are so many rednecks excited about Obama that they are forming different groups!

Anyways, this friend of mine, the guy from Tennessee who isn't really a redneck, but might have become one if he had stayed in that part of the country, bought a "Rednecks for Obama" bumper sticker.

For his Mercedes.

It will, I am sure, be the only "Rednecks for Obama" bumper sticker on a Mercedes in Los Angeles.

Of course, this Mercedes cost my colleague a grand total of $1,000. You are probably thinking, "$1,000 for a Mercedes? Something's not quite right there," and you would be correct. Said Mercedes was not in ideal running condition - hence the absurdly low price. He spent about another $8,000 to get it fixed up, which was a little mini-drama in our office for several months. He foudn all the requisite parts in a variety of places. I didn't know you could buy so many car parts on eBay. Had no idea. I also never really expected to see someone take delivery of a radiator at work. Never occurred to me that you could do that.

Then again, the whole concept of "Rednecks for Obama" is just a smidgen odd, so I suppose nothing in the rest of this little tale should be all that surprising.

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