Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tina Fey does it again

Tina Fey nails it, once again. Such a wonderfully unexpected benefit of this campaign

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Laryssa said...

I cannot agree more! Tina Fey is simply AMAZING!!

PS: Sarah Palin loves the parodies. I read a quote that she is genuinely flattered because last year she went as Tina Fey for Halloween.

This freak-woman just continues her campaign of confusion and madness, doesn't she? She's a Tina Fey fan??? For me this is like discovering she rocks out to Alanis!

I have to be fair no matter how much I may hate it...I MUST give her a full-on "Men on Film" inspired "around the world and back snap" for loving the Fey. Oy!