Saturday, October 25, 2008

The GOP starts to fracture

The GOP is already starting to fracture, in anticipation of John McCain and Sarah Palin losing to Obama-Biden. Ha!

John McCain, of course, will continue in the Senate, and presumably retire after this term, whenever it ends. He might retire before that.

But what of Sarah Palin? Rumors swirl about her future. First, of course, she has to win reelection as governor of Alaska. But what about 2012? Will she be blamed for McCain's loss? Her supporters obviously don't think so. What she does over the next few days may determine what happens in four years.

Another burning question is: who exactly is to blame for her rather unfortunate reputation so far? Sarah Palin herself, of course, accepts no responsibility for her performance in, for example, the Katie Couric interview. She's starting to blame some of the GOP operatives around her. Politico has a great take on the internal dynamics. Which are rather messy.

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