Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gay marriage - gotta love the visuals!

Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times
Tori and Kate Kuykendall, who have been together five years, inaugurate their new marriage with a kiss. With them at the ceremony in a park in West Hollywood is their 5-month-old daughter, Zadie.

The LA Times has a nice slideshow of gay and lesbian couples getting married on the first full day of legalized gay marriage in California. Gotta love it!

The image above was on the front page of the LA Times this morning. I think it's a good call to post a picture of lesbians as opposed to gay men. One of the great unspoken aspects of this debate is the aesthetic angle. There are a number of objections to gay marriage; religious, cultural, moral. But behind many of those, I suspect, is a simple aversion, on the part of straight men, to men kissing other men. Straight guys do not, of course, mind women kissing other women. No problem there! But guys kissing other guys is just not a pleasant sight for most straight guys. I have to admit that I include myself in this group. As much as I support my gay friends, I find the idea of kissing another guy uncomfortable, even just looking at a picture of guys kissing. Hugging, no problem. Kissing, not a great idea. I'm not sure why that is.

So I hope the LA Times keeps publishing pictures of pretty women in gorgeous gowns kissing.

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