Monday, June 30, 2008

Box office numbers - right and wrong

Last Friday, I wrote a post about box office projections. I compared my projections to that of the LA Times. Turns out that the Times was right about Wall-E. They projected $66M, I projected $70M, and it came in at $62, so we were both too high, but within the neighborhood.

But on Wanted, we were both way off. The Time predicted $39M, I was a little more optimistic at $42, but it hit $51, much better than expected. So I was closer, but still off.

Unlike Bill Kristol, I am capable of admitting it when I am wrong. Of course, I also bet on these movies on the Hollywood Stock Exchange, so I know how wrong I was. I lost money on both stocks over the weekend. Fortunately, I was way ahead for both.

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