Saturday, January 31, 2009

No more blogging about Blago!

Rod Blagojevich was impeached this week by the Illinois Senate, by a vote of 59-0. Thus ends one of the more bizarre episodes in American politics of late.

It takes a certain amount of ego to run for public office, particularly one as prominent and powerful as governor of Illinois. In normal people, insofar as politicians are normal, that ego, that latent narcissism, is held in check by competition. If your ego gets too big, there are people constantly looking for an opportunity to cut you down. That normally happens well before a politician reaches the point in his/her career where they are impeached. Somehow Rod Blagojevich armored himself perfectly against the slings and arrows of not only his enemies, but his erstwhile allies. But the system worked. Messily, as it sometimes has to, but it worked. Good luck to the new governor, and here's hoping for the best for the people of Illinois, who include my sister and her family.

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