Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Political games in the Tennessee House

Something very strange happened today in the Tennessee House of Representatives. A Republican was elected Speaker. Not surprising, as the Republicans have a 50-49 majority. What's surprising is that the new Republican Speaker, Kent Williams only got one Republican vote - his own. All of the other Republicans voted for the man that they thot was going to be their next Speaker, a guy named Jason Mumpower. But all of the Democrats voted for this guy Williams, who - I assume being the last person to vote, having a name that starts with "W" - then voted for himself, instead of Mumpower, which all the other Republicans were expecting him to do.

It's too strange and twisted for me to explain in detail, but damn is it fun. The Nashville Post explains it here, and this is a video from a local TV station. Apologies for the quality of the video, but the audio is what's important. You can tell that the reporter and the anchors are having a blast just reporting this:

(hat tip: Wonkette)

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