Monday, January 12, 2009

A return to deep and meaningful issues

In my last post, after patting myself on the back for reaching the 10,000 visits milestone, I promised that I would return to blogging about deep and meaningful issues.

So this post is about the latest installment of the FT Weekend's "Expat Lives," a column about people who are living in countries different from the one they were born in. This week's interviewee is Petra Strand, a Swedish model who moved to Santa Barbara to expand her cosmetics business in the US. It may not be immediately clear why this fits the definition of a "deep and meaningful issue," but she has interesting things to say about the US. People in California are very positive and have a great "can do" attitude, but that means that sometimes you have to work a little harder to separate the substance from the fluff. But people here also love kids, and don't mind if you bring them with you. That's good to know.

She lives in a place called "Hope Ranch." Must be an Obama fan.

I love Santa Barbara. It's a great little big city. It's good to hear that my opinion is confirmed by a beautiful woman who sells things to make other women beautiful, and who lives in a beautiful city.

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