Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Michelle's dress

I liked Michelle's dress, I thot she looked great. It's from a designer named Isabel Toledo, who I have never heard of, but I think she has a great name for a designer. It's great that she went with an obscure designer (although apparently she used to work for Anne Klein), by which I mean "not Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein or Donna Karan." I hope she wears a lot of Narciso Rodriguez, because I love him, and apparently he could use some help.

I also liked Aretha Franklin's hat, even if it was totally ridiculous. She is Aretha Franklin, ultimate diva. And I bet she was one of the only people on that platform who was actually warm.

Update: The NY Times has a short interview with the now-famous Ms. Toledo. She didn't know until this morning whether or not Michelle would wear the dress.

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