Saturday, January 10, 2009

Project Genome suspension

Project Genome has announced that it is suspending its HSX stock research. That's a bummer. I have really enjoyed Project Genome HSX research since it was started on oh so long ago. They are still keeping the bond charts going, thank goodness. I loved the HSBR bond charts. I'm not quite as much of a fan of the Project Genome charts, but they're still good. I loved being able to adjust the delist price of upcoming stock delists, to play with hypotheticals. What happens if this movie totally bombs? That was one of the best features of the HSBR charts. It was great.

The Project Genome stock research hasn't been perfect, not by a long shot. When I search for a stock, the latest update is usually several months old. Still, even old research is better than nothing.

But what I loved about their research was the commentary, which was very straightforward. They were brutally frank about a movie's prospects. An indie comedy with no stars? OK, that would be a short. An IPO of a movie that's already wrapped production? Hello and goodbye - short short short. On the other hand, I remember the description of a blockbuster, I think one of the Spiderman movies, as having a release pattern "wider than the widest river at it widest point" (or something like that).

In July of 2007, they wrote this about Delgo:
the stock will hang around HSX like a bad smell as long as there’s the slightest chance of it being released. Let’s all hope for a quick STDVD release.
That was exactly what happened - it hung around like a bad smell. They knew a long time ago that it was a dog, and they were right. It delisted at H$0.51.

I applied for a position at HSBR a long time ago. I obviously didn't get it, but I think it worked out for all concerned. The person who did get the gig, Ultimate Frisbee, married one of the other people on the site. And I would have had to resign after getting into USC. But I still miss HSBR, and I'll miss Project Genome. One thing I miss the most about HSBR is the weekly predictions. I am trying to fill in the gap just a little bit with my own predictions, but I can't begin to hope to fill the shoes of the entire HSBR crew.

So thanks, Blue Duck, for all your hard work over the years, thanks in advance for keeping the bond charts going, and here's hoping that Project Genome is somehow, maybe, just maybe, resurrected once again.


Curtis said...

Thanks much. And I'm hopeful to be able to do something about the content - not at the level that we had, obviously, but something.

JohnTEQP said...

You're welcome, and I look forward to seeing something new and interesting in terms of the content. I particularly miss the opening weekend analysis on HSBR. I've been trying to do some of that here, but I would love to see someone else doing it as well, so I can see how someone else is thinking.