Sunday, January 4, 2009

Best and worst dressed of 2008

What would a year-to-year transition be without some good old fashioned fashion judgment? Mr. Blackwell, he of the Best Dressed list, is now dishing with the angels, but Roger Stone, longtime Republican hit man, has volunteered his services. You have to wonder about the sensibility of a man who takes credit for the post-resignation resurrection of Nixon, but he's put in the time to make up the list, so I am going to put politics aside, as much as I can. Let's forget about substance for the moment, shall we?

It's an intriguing list. Jay-Z and Rihanna, for example, both make the Best Dressed list, while Justin Timberlake is one of the Worst, joined by Ashton Kucher (not really a surprise there). I know Jay-Z is the man with the plan, but maybe I should start taking Rihanna a little more seriously.

Obama is top of the men's Best list, no surprise, but one of his compadres is Al Sharpton, not someone I associate with sartorial excellence. Nice to see that. Among the sharp-dressing women are Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Carla Bruni, all excellent choices, along with Sophia Loren (a list without her would be suspect) and Penelope Cruz. Fran Lebowitz and Victoria Beckham also get nods for good taste,l so it's quite a diverse crowd. Personally, I think Michelle should have joined her husband. And I would put Ann Coulter on the Worst list, just because she wears a little black dress so often, and so badly, that I occasionally associate it more with her than with Audrey Hepburn. If that reference becomes permanent in my mind(God forbid), it would be one more reason Coulter should burn in hell.

Finally, he puts Sarah Palin on the list of Best Dressed. The man's a Republican, so I suppose he has his reasons. But, I have to admit, ignoring for a moment the woman's absurd amount of baggage, as well as who paid to fill her closet, she did look great.

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