Saturday, March 22, 2008

Two classic videos

These are two classic music videos. The first is Pat Benatar's "Ooh Ooh Song." This is classic, at least I think so, because it's very mid-80's: sort of cheesy, but lots of fun. This was back when music videos were still a relatively new art form, so there was a sense of freedom and innovation. I don't watch enough music videos these days to know how much that is still the case, so I don't want to be nostalgic about a past better than the present. No rose-colored glasses for me! I just love this video. I don't think the song itself ever got much airplay, but I remember just loving the video when it came out. I once bought the album "Tropico" on cassette in a used record store in Greenwich Village just because it had this song on it. I'm also always impressed that Pat Benatar looks incredibly good, despite wearing overalls, really not high on the list of sexy outfits for a rock star to be wearing in a music video.

And theres this video, "Cradle of Love," by Billy Idol. This DID get some significant airplay. I don't think it was one of his most popular songs, but it was probably at least a Top 40 hit. But the reason I like the video (apart from the obvious attractions for a guy) is that it's technically an extraordinary accomplishment. All of the elements come together really, really well: from the sound design (pay attention to the background noise when Devon is at the door) to the editing, to the cinematography, to the production design, to the costumes, even to the animation. Just about seamless.

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