Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gail Collins on McCain's economic proposals

A day after David Brooks praised John McCain's foreign policy speech for being level-headed and NotBush, Gail Collins takes apart McCain's economic policies. Which is much more fun. I love Gail Collins. She always writes part of her column in a calm, soothing tone of voice, as if she was that nice lady who lives next door and always has the neighbors over for tea. And then she slips it in:

[A]t bottom, his economic vision makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. He’s going to keep the Bush tax cuts, continue our $3-trillion-and-counting war in Iraq and decrease corporate taxes. And how is he going to pay for it? By getting rid of pork-barrel earmarks.

How reasonable is this? Not very. Let's go with a simple domestic metaphor.
And I am planning to remodel my house by purchasing a tube of Elmer’s glue.

It's fascinating how a man who is so thoughtful and articulate in one respect, i.e. foreign policy, can be so out to lunch in another.

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