Friday, March 28, 2008

Nancy Pelosi stands up to Hillary supporters

I wrote a couple of days ago about some Hillary supporters who wrote to Nancy Pelosi about superdelegates. They were threatening to withhold their support for the Democrats if she didn't change her tune on how superdelegates should vote. A friend of mine in New York (thanks Laryssa!) sent me a link from the NY Daily News. Nancy didn't even bother responding to the threat:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blew off warnings from Hillary Clinton backers Thursday, refusing to acknowledge their veiled threat.

The source is interesting. The Daily News is very much a New York paper. They respect strength in a politician, and that's clearly what they were recognizing here. The headline says it all:

Nancy Pelosi unafraid of Clinton backers' warnings on superdelegates

Some people tried to play hardball with the Speaker of the House, and she played hardball right back, because she is, after all, Speaker of the House. And a NY tabloid gave her props for it, so she earned a bit of street cred in the process. Good job, Nancy!

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