Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March 4 results

So Hillary won Rhode Island, Ohio, and Texas last night. Congrats to her; she is the latest incarnation of the "Comeback Kid" that her husband was in 1992.

I didn't sleep well last night. I'm taking this campaign way too seriously. Which is, of course, the only way to approach it. It has been many years since I took politics too seriously. The last time I did that, I burned out. This time around, I hope I'm a little better prepared. The last time, when I burned out, I was campaigning against the death penalty. That's a tough one, particularly when you're 21. It's not easy to walk into an office every morning and be prepared to think about murder and executions.

I am thankful that, this time, I chose a great cause with a great leader, and that there are lots and lots of people thinking the same way I do.

The spin goes lots of ways today. This could further divide the party, particularly since McCain now has the Republican nomination. Obama still has a substantial lead in delegates, so it still looks good for him. I'm partial to the idea that Obama will have valuable experience responding to negative attacks - this is a precursor of what to expect from the GOP in the fall.

But I'm also thankful that Hillary's supporters have won some big ones. It's clear that Obama is not going to win this in a cakewalk, if he does. He will have earned it. Which is all to the good.

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