Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm rooting for Memphis

It's down to the Final Four in the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament, and it's all the No. 1 seeds! Personally, I'm rooting for Memphis, because they beat Texas, and I am still bitter about Texas beating USC in the Rose Bowl in the last 19 seconds. I still have to pay off the bet that I lost to brother-in-law on that one. The bet is that I have to wear a Texas t-shirt when I visit he and my sister. Which I still have to do. I actually have the t-shirt, fortunately. When I ordered it, I got the wrong size - they sent me a small. I didn't think they sold t-shirts in size "small" in Texas, but I guess they do.

I'm also rooting for Memphis because they are playing UCLA in the Final Four, and I root for whoever plays UCLA. In my last post about Kareem, I said that I would root for UCLA for one game. Which I did. I have to admit that I did it rather quietly, and didn't tell my co-worker, Sherri, who went to UCLA. But I rooted for them in my heart. But now they are close to another national championship, and that is the last thing that UCLA needs. UCLA has 100 national sports championships, and they were the first to 100. That's enough! Fortunately, the Olympics are coming up, and USC dominates American colleges in Olympics glory - we've won at least one gold medal in every summer Olympics since 1912.

But for now, go Memphis!

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