Monday, March 31, 2008 still sucks

I read the dead-tree edition of the LA Times every morning, because I live in LA. I moved here in 2000, and I think the LA Times has actually gotten much better since I've moved here. They've revamped the Op-Ed section a couple of times, and I think they now have a very good selection of columnists. They don't have any stars on par with the NY Times, but they do have a wider range, and they do have columnists like Meghan Daum, who has a talent for writing about highly topical subjects in a way that others don't.

And they have Dan Neil, who is the only automotive critic to win a Pulitzer. He's not just a great car writer - he's one of my favorite writers in the country, in any medium. Several years ago, he wrote a review of a Ducati motorcycle (the LA Times now has a columnist, Susan Carpenter, who only covers motorcycles, which I think is quite cool. She's also a good writer). It was a great piece of journalism, and included the line that the bike "runs on damned souls and is lubricated with the fat of unbaptized children," which is a very clever way of saying that it is hell on wheels.

I once impressed a woman with that review (which I found on another Website, NOT on I tried to find it today on and couldn't. So, although I constantly link to for recent news articles, as far as I am concerned, until I can find that article with one or two searches, still sucks.

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