Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama's To Do List (according to People magazine)

This is Obama's To Do List, according to People magazine.

1. Keep the family routine.
2. Get the girls settled in D.C.
3. Make the White House their own.
4. Prepare for the social scene.
5. Become leader of the free world.

I love the last item.

I read this in dead tree edition of People that I bought because Obama was on the cover. This was the first edition of People that I ever bought, although I have read it before, mostly in doctor's offices. Fortunately for both Barack Obama and People, he is surrounded by three very photogenic women. This is fortunate for all parties involved because gossip rags like People rarely put men on the cover (the Sexiest Man edition being a notable exception), because they don't sell.

One odd note: I looked for a link to this on, but couldn't find it. The link above is to a pdf of the actual pages from the magazine. Of course, People is owned by Time Warner, an old-media company, which might explain why their website doesn't seem to synch with the newsstand version of their magazine. But you would think that they would also be somewhat adept at exploiting their own intellectual content.

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