Wednesday, November 5, 2008

GOP circular firing squad: Palin in the middle

Looks like the knives are out for Sarah Palin. The blame game in the GOP starts now. John McCain, in his very gracious speech, accepted responsibility for failing his supporters. It was the right and honorable thing to do. But he can accept that responsibility without much in the way of consequences; I doubt he'll run for Senate again, let alone anything else.

But what about everyone else still in the game? Sarah Palin is sort of the frontrunner for 2012, just by virtue of the fact that she has a base of support within the party. Despite her gaffes, there are many other factors to blame for McCain's demise; his own erratic campaigning, the toxicity of Bush, the market meltdown, etc. Her fans are going to blame everyone but her.

The professionals within the GOP, however, know what a disaster Palin was as a candidate. They know how thoroughly she has alienated moderates. By "professionals," I mean the operatives, the people who run the damn thing; the press people, the GOTV experts, the strategists, the pollsters. Most of them do, at least. And they want to get her out of the party and out of the running for 2012 as fast and as thoroughly as possible. Which is why we are going to see more reports like this one, laying as much blame as possible at the feet of Caribou Barbie:

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