Sunday, November 2, 2008

Medical Marijuana in Michigan

I didn't think I would find much to blog about early on a Sunday morning. But Andrew Sullivan has a video up from Michigan, about a proposition there to legalize medical maruijuana.

Medical maruijuana is legal in California. So my mother, who lives in Michigan, called me and asked me about how it works out here. I explained that there are storefront clinics where patients can go to purchase pot for medical purposes. They have to have a prescription, but there are doctors on hand who write the prescriptions after the most perfunctory examinations.

"What are you suffering from?"
"Ok, here's your prescription for medical maruijuana."

But it also doesn't seem like a problem, because there doesn't seem to be much crime associated with medical marijuana. It is, after all, a mind-altering substances that alters the mind to be much more mellow and calm.

I should point out that Mom is a lung cancer survivor, and that medical maruijuana is particularly effective when treating the symptoms of nausea, etc., associated with chemotherapy. I was sort of surprised that Mom was even asking about it, because she's always been of the opinion that pot is a gateway drug, and Mom rarely even drinks alcohol. But she said that she would vote for it.

So, Mom, this one's for you:

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Christina said...

Oh my gosh, John. That is so sad. I was totally crying watching it. Thanks for putting it up. - Christina