Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Countdown to happiness

Get ready to be happy. Or at least not horrendously depressed. Get ready to imagine new possibilities. Get ready to worry differently, about different things, and different people. Get ready for different judgments from the media, different stereotypes, different narratives floating through the culture.

You aren't ready. I'm not ready. Barack Obama might be. But none of us really are.

But in another sense, you are ready. I'm ready. I'm incredibly ready. I'm desperately ready. So many people are so desperately ready for this change. It might take some adjusting. It will take some adjusting. We are, and we are not, ready for this. But we are about to witness a peaceful transfer of power between political parties, which is a small miracle every time it happens. We are extraordinarily ready for that. That - practicing the nuts and bolts of democracy - that part, we're good at.

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