Saturday, November 8, 2008

No Obama news today

There is no news about Barack Obama today. There wasn't any news yesterday (Saturday) either. He didn't hold a press conference, there weren't any announcements about staffing, no policy discussions that I can find, other than the normal chatter.

For this brief moment of quiet and rest, I am immensely thankful. Way to chill out, Mr. President-Elect. I am going to take a cue from The Man Himself and refrain from thinking deep thots or dreaming big. How long this will last - 2 hours? 12 hours? A day? is anyone's guess. This respite from politics might even last into early in the week, say, Monday afternoon.

Of course, I'm going to a wedding celebration later today for an old college friend who got me into the Obama campaign, so I don't know if this period of quiet will really last.The wedding was in August, but the groom, who is my friend, postponed the celebration until after the election - he was one of the data managers in California, so he was working insane unpaid hours.

I have a classical music station on (a Sunday morning ritual), KUSC. Which reminds me: USC beat Cal yesterday, and therefore just about nailed Rose Bowl berth, if not a shot at the national title game.

Thank goodness for the right distraction at the right time. Go Trojans!

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