Thursday, May 22, 2008

TV Report on Obama in Kentucky

Here's a report about Obama in Kentucky, and the impact of race (read to the end of this post to find out what channel it's from). It's not a pretty picture. One impact of this campaign has been that many people are now more enlightened about the state of racial relations in this country. From the perspective of people on the coasts, "flyover" country, i.e. everything between the coasts, is pretty much the same, and mostly that means less sophisticated than the coasts. What this completely ignores is that there are tremendous differences even within states, let alone between states. Chicago is not the same as Louisville, which is very different from Detroit or Cleveland. And Obama's problems with voters is concentrated in Appalachia. One interesting thing to note from this report is the guy who says that he's afraid that African Americans (not the term he uses) will exact revenge on white people, because white people have been so bad to them. I think one positive aspect of Obama's presidency will be that these people will be surprised. Here's the report:

One interesting detail: this is clearly an American reporter. But there's an odd symbol in the lower left hand corner. Here's what interesting: this is from Al Jazeera.

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