Friday, May 30, 2008

Hillary the Drama Queen

Roger Simon at Politico has noticed one big difference between the Obama and Clinton campaigns: Obama has a drama decifit. This may be due to the fact that one rule he laid down when he decided to run was "no drama." And there hasn't really been much! Very little, in fact, from the campaign itself. No internal arguments that the rest of the world is aware of, only one unpaid advisor fired (Sam Power), and that for a trivial reason (calling Hillary a "monster.")

How big is this difference?

There is a huge drama gap between the Clinton campaign and the Barack Obama campaign. In fact, it is more like a chasm.

Whenever things get dull, whenever things settle down and people begin to concentrate on how Clinton is a serious candidate with a serious message, championing serious issues, she manages to heat things up.

Why talk about health care or energy policy or the housing crisis when you can talk about ... the assassination of Robert Kennedy!

I always thought that the first rule of talking about assassination in a political campaign is that you never talk about assassination in a political campaign.

. . .

he definitely trails her badly on drama. He is regional theater to her Broadway.

I love drama. I love the ups and downs and the gossip and the inside game of politics. Except when it's bad for my candidate. Then, not so much. I'll watch a movie instead. Then I know what I'm in for. Drama, drama, drama.

Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan

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