Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Wingnut Index

Every now and then at DailyKos, Kos mentions some bizarre bit of hate email he gets from a rightwinger who disagrees with him. Apparently many of the people who email him have skills of expression that lie on the wrong side of articulate, so they tend to be somewhat intellectually sloppy. And somewhat repetitive. And not very well written. So Devilstower, one of the writers, decided to have some fun with this continual stream of invective, and came up with The Wingnut Index. A sample:

The Wingnut Index

5 points
Each use of "Democrat Party."
Each use of "liberal elite."
Each declaration that kos readers should "leave America."

10 points
Each use of the phrase "hate site."
Each mention of Nazis, Commies, Reds, brownshirts or stormtroopers.
Each blind repetition of phrases provided by your close pal Bill, Rush, or Sean.
For contending that liberals are aiding terrorists.
Each time the writer insists that the recipient is "going to burn in hell."
Each physical threat to the recipient.

15 points
Including "San Francisco" in letters that have nothing to do with San Francisco.
Discussion of water / food additives and their feminizing effect on the men of America.
Insisting that liberals "want America to lose."
Each alternate theory for the death of Vincent Foster.
Each alternate theory for the death of Ron Brown.
Each alternate theory posed to replace evolution.
Each explanation for why global warming is a hoax.

It goes up to 100 points. Check it out.

The comments have some great reactions, as several people tried to score the maximum number of points.

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