Sunday, July 20, 2008

So many movies

I have a bunch of movies out right now that I want to watch, among them:

Hellboy II
The Visitor
The Dark Knight
Mamma Mia!

Of those, one is about a fraternity of assassins, one is about an adorable robot, one is about a hero who is demon spawn, one is a heartfelt drama about immigration, one is about Hunter S. Thompson, who pretty much defines the term "dysfunctional genius," one is a very grim take on Batman, one is a fluffy confection based on ABBA songs, and one is about Genghis Khan.

Among the other movies currently in release are:

Kit Kittredge
Kung Fu Panda
Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired
Get Smart
Lou Reed's Berlin
Space Chimps
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Journey to the Center of the Earth

Of those, one is based a line of dolls, one is about an alcoholic, moody superhero, one is an animated movie about a panda with delusions of martial-arts greatness, one is about the aftermath of a very old case of statutory rape, one is based on a 60's spy spoof, one is a documentary about a very depressing and obscure album from 1973, one is about lovable primates playing at being astronauts, one is a huge, expensive, and special-effects heavy action-adventure extravaganza, and one is based on a book originally published in France in 1864. And those are the ones that I am familiar with (but have no intention of seeing).

From the pages of the NY Times, these are some other movies currently in release:

Before I Forget
Wonderful Town
Brick Lane
The Edge of Heaven
Mad Detective
The Last Mistress
A Very British Gangster
A Man Named Pearl
Tell No One
The Wackness
The Counterfeiters
Days and Clouds
The Doorman
The Human Condition
My Winnipeg

I have no idea what most of those are about. Several of them are from countries other than the US - I know that. Here's an interesting little factoid: Ben Kingsley is in two of them (The Wackness and Transsiberian). Here's another little factoid: several of them were reviewed in Friday's (7/18) NY Times (Transsiberian, Felon, Before I Forget, Mad Detective, The Human Condition, A Man Named Pearl, A Very British Gangster, The Doorman, Take, disFIGURED, and Lou Reed's Berlin). Most of those will never make it past New York and/or Los Angeles. But all of them have a chance to attract notice in at least one of the media centers of the world. And I would bet that all of them will be available on Netflix in several months.

I used to worry that corporations were homogenizing our culture. I don't worry about that anymore.

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