Monday, July 28, 2008

The LA Times visits Mackinac Island

In the LA Times' Travel section this weekend, the cover story is about Mackinac Island. One nice thing about travel pieces is that they're almost entirely positive. So is this one.

I haven't been to Mackinac in years, but I did go when I was much younger. I was there as part of Boy Scout troop, the Governor's Honor Guard. We had wear uniforms constantly, and march in step. For years afterwards, I found myself trying to march in step with whoever I was walking with.

I also went a couple of times for a high school debate tournament. One year, we got stuck in the elevator. That wasn't fun. We got stuck because there were too many people, so we exceeded the weight limit. The big problem with that was that it was therefore incredibly crowded, and one person started to freak out a little. But we got out in an hour.

So if you go to Mackinac Island, I recommend staying in the Grand Hotel, renting a bike, eating a lot of fudge, and avoiding overcrowded elevators.

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