Thursday, July 24, 2008

In search of a Coldplay video

I'm loving the new Coldplay song "Viva La Vida." Great song! Wow. I've never been a Coldplay fan before, but they've sort of been on my radar for awhile. I would very much LIKE to be a Coldplay fan, because if I ever meet Gwyneth Paltrow, I'd like to be able to honestly say that I like her husband's music.

But I can't seem to find a video for it on YouTube! This is most frustrating. The best I have been able to come up with is a 30 second clip from an ad for iTunes, and a couple of fan mashups. Which I am not even going to link to. I tried to go to and, against my better judgment, but they both crashed my computer. And I don't mean froze the screen - I mean crashed it to the point that it restarted by itself. Pretty much what I expected from MTV and VH1 - not just an artistic wasteland, but a technical one as well. Then the same thing happened at, although I don't want to describe that in any kind of negative terms. I posted a message somewhere on YouTube about my frustration, and got a message that a video has been made, but has not been released yet.

What the f---? I find this very annoying. Coldplay is supposed to be one of those rare bands that can maintain their artistic integrity while they rumble towards world domination. I am a big fan of tasteful hegemony, and this is a great example of it.

Tasteful hegemony, people! World class world domination - that's what I expect from people like Chris Martin. And I'm NOT GETTING IT! How can a band possibly begin a tour without a great video for its first single? And I don't want to hear that MTV is prohibiting them from posting it on YouTube. MTV is the antithesis of tasteful hegemony. If it worked for Avril Lavigne (93 million hits for "Girlfriend" and counting), it can sure as hell work for Coldplay. How hard can it be to negotiate a deal to post a video for one of the most popular songs in the world?

What is particularly ironic is that the song is ABOUT RULING THE WORLD! Talk about a missed opportunity - what could be better than engaging in tasteful hegemony with a song about the very idea? And yet - no video.

This better be a damn good video. I really hope it's worth the wait.

I would very much like to be a fan of Coldplay's ambition and entrepreneurial abilities, as well as of their music, but I have to say that as of now they're just not doing it for me.

I give them a week. Then I'm going to let myself slide into disillusionment.

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