Monday, December 22, 2008

No more VHS for you!

You remember VHS tapes. I'm sure you do. I certainly do. I still own some VHS tapes. I have a couple of movies on VHS that I don't think I could get in a DVD format. I even still have a tape player, just in case I want to play these tapes.

There was a time, oh not so long ago, when VHS tapes were a great new technology. You could watch movies at home! On your own time! You just had to go out to Blockbuster or your local movie rental place and get them there. Then the prices came down, and you could afford to buy them!

No longer. The LA Times reports today that, as of last October, VHS tapes are officially dead. No more. Kaput. None are being sold in the United States. Some guy named Ryan Kugler, one of those bottom-feeders who buy "distressed" inventory, and then ships it to places like 99 Cent stores, moved his last truckload of tapes a couple of months ago.

Hey, if you have any left, they might now be collector's items. I donated my last batch to my church rummage sale. Apparently Amoeba in Hollywood stills buys and sells them. They're hardy. The ones that still exist will last. And there are billions of them. So maybe they won't be collector's items.

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