Monday, December 8, 2008

Interesting obits in the LA Times today

There were several interesting obituaries in the LA Times today. First, Nina Foch, actress and acting teacher, died. She taught directing actors at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where I went. I didn't take her class, but most of my friends did, and I know they all learned a great deal from her.

A couple of bits of rock and roll trivia: Jim Morrison's father died. He was an admiral, and reportedly didn't appreciate his son's career. The obit does say, however, that he viewed his son's "success with pride." So that's nice.

In other tangentially related Doors news (and really, isn't that the best kind of Doors news?), Elmer Valentine, founder of the Whiskey a Go Go, also passed away. The Doors were one of many rock bands that played there. I saw a friend's band play there once. That was the only time I went there, but it was cool to see a friend's band at such a famous place. I think it was their debut as a band. Apparently the term "go-go" comes from that club. So now I know where one of my favorite bands gets its name.

I know it may be a bit depressing to read about three deaths in one post, but I think of it as lots of history.

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