Friday, December 12, 2008

HSX Week of 12/12/08

HSX recommendations for today: Short The Day The Earth Stood Still (TDESS), and short it now. I'm a little bummed I didn't do that a couple of weeks ago. Go long on Nothing Like the Holidays (NLHOL). Go long on Delgo (DELGO) if you feel like it, I've never heard anything about it.

Update Monday morning: All three performed below expectations, and all the stocks adjusted down. This wasn't a disaster for Nothing Like the Holidays or Delgo, which didn't have much room to go. It was a major downgrade for The Day The Earth Stood Still. I'm just glad I shorted it. Brandon Gray at has a good analysis of why TDESS didn't do well; he blames the marketing. I'm thinking of seeing it just so I can have the fun of reviewing a bad movie.

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