Monday, December 22, 2008

And now for some good old-fashioned myth-busting

The LA Times has a very welcome report on some myths/urban legends that could use debunking. These are from the British Medical Journal and Lancet. Herewith, therefore, some things that you have probably heard, and may even believe, but are not, in fact, supported by scientific evidence.

1. Poinsettias are not toxic.
2. Suicides do not increase over the holidays.
3. Sugar does not make kids hyperactive.
4. Coca-cola is not an effective contraceptive (although it is a spermicide). Sperm are faster than carbonated beverages.
5. Not wearing a hat does not mean that you lose body heat faster.
6. Eating at night is not more likely to pack on the pounds (glad to hear about that one).

There's also something about Wales winning a rugby championship predicting the death of a pope (also untrue) that I don't quite get, not being a fan of Welsh sports generally.

Good to know all this stuff! More things not to worry about.

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