Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Satire sacrilege: Spinal Tap goes acoustic

It's been 25 years since we learned the meaning of "This one goes to 11," and heard the tales of a certain collection of wayward souls masquerading as a band and calling themselves Spinal Tap. Now the boys are going out on tour. But this time, they're going way back to their early years. They are playing acoustic. No metal mayhem this time around. What's more, I'm not even sure they are going to be in character.

"We've never gone out as ourselves," Shearer said Monday from the House of Blues in West Hollywood, where he was accompanied by Guest and McKean at a news conference unveiling the tour. "So we've been holding lots of meetings trying to figure out who we are."
Considering that it is Harry Shearer who is saying that, I am going to assume that the bit of existential humor at the end there is intentional.

Of course, one implication of going acoustic is that they won't be able to go to 11. Michael McKean confirms that they will, in fact, only be going to 8 1/2. Why that number specifically?

"It worked for Fellini."

And it's still funny after all these years.

If you listen to the music here, it's actually quite nice. As Marty DiBergi says, it's pretty.

No word on who they are going to get on drums this time around:

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