Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hoping for a conservative "Sister Souljah" moment

Andrew Sullivan asks a question about conservatives - who will "Sister Souljah" them? It's a good question - regardless of what you think about Clinton's "Sister Souljah" moment, he went on to win the presidency. Twice.

He has a dream:

I'm waiting for the first leading Republican to do to these grandstanding goons what Clinton once did to the extremists in his own ranks: reject them, excoriate them, remind people that they do not have a monopoly on conservatism and that decent right-of-center people actually find their vision repellent. And then to articulate a positive vision for taking this country forward, expanding liberty, exposing corruption, reducing government's burden, unwinding ungovernable empire, and defending civic virtue without going on Jihads against other people's vices.
Who will take care of this? Who will marginalize these idiots?

The answer is simple. Someone with a chance of winning. Clinton was able to criticize a black woman because he had a very good record on civil rights, so he could legitimately claim that he was disagreeing with the content of Sister Souljah's comments, not being subtly racist. The conservative who can do the same will be someone who has a solid conservative record, but is also attractive to the mainstream, and has a chance to win a major race, like a governor's race, if not the presidency.

Who is this person? Where are they? We may not know that for a long time. Years, at the very least.

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