Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MSU loses in championship

Michigan State lost in the championship of the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship last night. The University of North Carolina won, 89-72, and the score was about that far apart for pretty much the entire game. I turned it on during halftime. Magic Johnson was part of the panel analyzing the game. He and Larry Bird were there, commemorating their championship game 30 years ago, when Magic, playing for MSU, beat Bird, playing for Indiana. That is still the most-watched basketball game - college or NBA - ever. During the halftime report, Magic sounded as if he had basically given up on MSU. When Magic Johnson, one of the most upbeat, optimistic human beings on the planet, is losing faith, you know it's looking bad.

I called my Dad, who is a huge MSU fan (my mother and brother both went there). He is usually about as optimistic and upbeat as Magic, but this time he was just about as depressed. He said that it was men vs. boys; UNC was playing juniors and seniors, MSU was playing freshmen and sophomores. That ain't good. But that also means that some of the UNC players will be graduating, and the MSU players will be coming back. There's always next year.

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