Sunday, February 1, 2009

Steelers win the Super Bowl

I watched the Super Bowl at Barney's Beanery in Pasadena, the same place I watched it last year. It's turning into a tradition, which is nice. I watched it with my friend Peter, who knows very little about football, but likes the Super Bowl. What a game! We decided to root for the Cardinals, because they were the underdogs - no other reason. There are USC players on both sides, although Troy Palomalu, who is a safety for the Steelers, is more well known at this point than Matt Leinart, quarterback for the Cardinals. Leinart was a star at USC, but he hasn't been that good in Arizona. He might come back, but he does need to come back.

Palomalu was also in a great commercial, mimicking the famous Coke ad from the '70's starring Mean Joe Greene. It helps that Palomalu is apparently smart enough that the NY Times can run an article called "The Tao of Palomalu."

This was a great example of why we watch the Super Bowl. A nailbiter to the end.

On a sad note, a former player for the Detroit Lions, John Berry Gordy, recently passed away. Apparently he was famous as a leader of the player's union. A union leader from Detroit - my kind of guy. He was a rookie in 1957, the last time the Lions won a league title (this was before the Super Bowl). This is particularly sad - on the day of the Super Bowl, the only way a Detroit Lion can get a mention in the paper is by dying.

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