Friday, February 6, 2009

Pat Summit hits 1,000!

Congrats today to Pat Summit, women's basketball coach at the University of Tennessee, for her 1,000th victory. That is the most victories by any NCAA Division I basketball coach, man or woman. Way to go, Pat! I, of course, root for USC, but, since they are not as dominant as some other teams, my fallback women's college basketball team is UConn, because I once lived in Connecticut, I root for the Sun in the WNBA, and women's basketball is just about the state sport in the Nutmeg State. So I don't think I've ever rooted for Tennessee in women's basketball. But for an accomplishment of this magnitude, attention must be paid. She earned a $200,000 bonus for the victory. I'm not supposed to be a big fan of college coaches earning far more than their academic counterparts, but in this instance, I think it's justified. Women's basketball must be a good moneymaker for UT. God bless Title IX.

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