Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama wins!

I watched the debate last night in Hollywood, at a Generation Obama watch party. I thot Obama did well. Obviously, I would like to think Obama won a smashing victory. I don't think that. I think he won, but not by much. He didn't make any mistakes, which was key. I liked his emphasis on Afghanistan, because I think that issue, together with his early opposition to the war in Iraq, shows some good foreign policy judgment. Most people know that he opposed the war in Iraq; I don't think many people are aware that he is in favor of refocusing on Afghanistan. That's a subtle thing, but it's also very important, and I think many people will get it. There are many people who either or opposed the Iraq war initially, or who oppose it now, who support the war in Afghanistan.

Focusing on Afghanistan also could reassure Republicans who are worried about Obama's willingness to use force. He's not a pacifist; he's not opposed to the use of force as a matter of philosophy or ideology. He recognizes that the use of force is sometimes necessary. But he also is far more prudent about how and when to use it than either Bush or McCain. I think that came through.

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