Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hillary and 9/11

There is one thing that I thot of recently that particularly bothers me about Hillary. She claims that she can stand up to Republicans. Of course, she didn't do that when Bush was pushing to go to war with Iraq - she voted for it.

But what particularly bothers me about this is that Hillary is a Senator from New York, and she is on the Armed Services Committee. As a Senator from New York, she represents the victims of 9/11. As a member of the Armed Services Committee, she is supposed to have added credibility on military matters - that, after all, is presumably why she is on the committee.

So she was in a unique position to oppose the war in Iraq. She could have claimed the moral authority of being a representative of the victims of 9/11. Rudy Giuliani certainly claimed a certain kind of moral authority by virtue of his position as mayor of New York.

But she didn't. Chuck Schumer didn't either, but he's not running for President.

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