Wednesday, July 15, 2009

HSX: Week of July 15, 2009

There's a big movie opening up today; Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Maybe you've heard of it? Unfortunately, my post will be short and bereft of links and HSX analysis, because I forgot to post last night (damn these Wednesday openings!), and I am having problems logging on to HSX this morning. But I do remember that the strike price is H$80 for the weekend (Fri-Sun). Be very optimistic - this is going to be a big deal.
Stock: Long
Call: Long
Put: Short

Update Sunday night: I was a little too optimistic - the Friday-Sunday take was just under $80 million, almost exactly at the strike price. The five-day total was $159 million. And that's just domestic. It only adjust up H$8, but it's still close to H$300. Go Harry!

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