Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh, look, a scandal

Sen. John Ensign yesterday admitted to having an affair with a staffer. Oops. Not good for the presidential ambitions! It is somehow not surprising that he is the senator from Nevada. Insert bad "what happens in Vegas" joke here.

This is another example of why Republicans place too much faith in capitalism. Rational self-interest clearly didn't work here. Let's see, a few months of clandestine fun vs. ruining your life. Not hard to run that cost-benefit analysis! Of course, there's no point in gloating since this is not a strictly Republican problem. But it seems a little more complicated than just a fling - the woman and her husband both worked for Ensign, each in a highly sensitive position. It's a reminder that the news doesn't stop, even when there is a potential revolution on the other side of the world. Stay tuned!

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