Monday, June 29, 2009

Daily Kos hate mail: a classic

Kos has a great feature that he's been running for a couple of months. Every Saturday, he collects the most abusive hate mail that he has received that week, and posts it, thereby holding up various conservative idiots for ridicule. I think it's a brilliant strategy. One of Kos' great virtues as an activist is that he makes it clear that he thinks progressives/liberals/Democrats should not be afraid of conservatives/Republicans, and he makes it equally clear that he has nothing but disdain for liberals who ARE afraid of conservatives. I strongly agree with him on this, and am very thankful that he makes this effort. Every now and then I think he's a tad intemperate, but that's trivial.

In these posts, he usually has a solid collection of incoherent screeds, riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, almost always including some gay bashing. The last couple of weeks have been a little thin - apparently word has gotten out that sending Kos this kind of garbage does not do the Fox News causes a lot of good. But this week he got a classic. It reminds me of a contest I heard about years ago. The idea was to create the ultimate tabloid newspaper headline. I think the winner said something about an alien having Elvis's baby on the moon (plus other elements) - they managed to work in just about every National Enquirer cliche. This email works in just about every hate mail cliche possible. Great entertainment value. Kos also includes a poll about this email, just for added fun.

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