Sunday, January 27, 2008

How tough is Obama?

One question that I hear occasionally is, just how tough is Barack Obama? The subtext is usually, "can he survive all of the attacks that Republicans will throw at him?"

My answer is simple: Barack Obama was a community organizer on the streets of the South Side of Chicago. He served in the Illinois legislature from Chicago. Personally, I don't have any experience in Chicago politics, but from the reputation, I understand that Chicago politics is not for the weak of spirit. A famous politician (Mo Udall, I think) once joked that he wanted to be buried in Chicago, so he would be politically active when he was dead.

Obama also survived Harvard Law and taught at the University of Chicago, other environments with a notable lack of resemblance to Disneyland. Those are two of the most intellectually demanding colleges in the country, and UChicago is one of the most conservative.

The ability to listen is not a sign of weakness.


PhillyHa said...

hmmm, I think the "buried in Chicago" quote has nothing to do with toughness. It is about corruption.

Gwennegaia said...

I've never had the feeling that Obama was not tough.......he is able to listen and not react to criticisms.......seems pretty unflappable. and I like Michelle Obama's statement that they realize that politics is a them the ability to stand back and not be reactive.