Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trivial question of the Day

President Obama stopped by a bookstore in Iowa today, and bought some books.
This line caught my eye:

Obama pulled out five $20 bills to pay for the two books.

This made me wonder: how does the president get cash? Does the White House have an ATM? Does he call up Tim Geithner and have him send some over? Does he call Ben Bernanke and have him bring some by the next time he's in the neighborhood? Does the Secret Service get it for him? How? Do they go to the bank for him? Wouldn't that mean he would have to give them his ATM card and his PIN?

Just couldn't stop thinking about that.


Durango88 said...

You obviously have to much time on your hands ... and not much of a life.

Anonymous said...

They steal it from the taxpayers. :(